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What is Lymphoedema?

Lymphoedema is the accumulation of higher than usual amounts of protein-rich fluid in an area of the body that’s received treatment for cancer, trauma from an accident, or disease from living in a tropical climate.

Secondary lymphoedema is the most common type of lymphoedema, and is a result of lymph nodes being removed via surgery, or affected by radiotherapy, during treatment for cancer.

Lymphoedema can occur in any region of the body. If you are seeing signs of unusual swelling, feel a change in the temperature of your skin, or feel that the area is “heavy” and “uncomfortable”, please seek professional advice immediately.

For more information go to the Australasian Lymphology Association’s website

What is Lymphoedema

What is Lymphatic Drainage

What is Lymph DIY?

LymphDIY provides information, education and support on how to self massage to assist prevention, or treat lymphoedema, in the upper/lower parts of the body.

We are about empowering those suffering from or at risk of lymphoedema so they can positively impact their lymphatic health through the techniques of self-massage.

There are many people in regional areas desperately needing assistance with lymphoedema. LymphDIY supports those that do not have access to lymphatic drainage practitioners by providing downloadable educational guides and videos demonstrating how to do your own lymphatic drainage self-treatment to either assist prevention, or treat lymphoedema.

Who are LymphDIY?

Tania Shaw and Jillian Exton met in February, 2010 as Therapist and Client. Following the successful completion of Jillian’s treatment for Breast Cancer (we were so happy!), without lymphoedema due to their comprehensive professional therapy/self care program, Tania and Jillian made a YouTube video that was designed to assist others who were just like Jillian.

More than 68,000 views on our self-treatment video on YouTube led to the birth of; and a commitment to helping our community become empowered and educated in how to self-manage lymphoedema, or continue to minimise the risk post-surgery/cancer treatments.

The Team at LymphDIY

Treatment Plan Products - What you Get

Each Treatment Plan Product Includes:

  • An instructional guide and cheat sheet
  • An instructional video to demonstrate the technique

These will be available for you to download immediately once you complete the purchase of a Treatment Plan product.

Treatment Plan Products

LymphDIY Treatment Plans

Upper Extremities

Lymph Nodes Removed 1 Side

LymphDIY Treatment Plans

Upper Extremities

Bilateral Mastectomy
Lymph Nodes Removed 1 Side

LymphDIY Treatment Plans

Upper Extremities

Bilateral Mastectomy
Lymph Nodes Removed Both Side

LymphDIY Treatment Plans

Lower Extremities

Lymph Nodes in the Abdomen and/or Lower Extremities have been affected – either 1 Side or  Both Sides

Select the right Treatment Plan for your needs!

Visit our Self Treatment Plan page to find the right guide to address your needs.  If you have any questions or concerns – just give us call and we will be happy to assist!

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