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See what some of our supporters have to say about LymphDIY

Hi Jillian,

Finally got my husband to help, and I was able to download the video. I have to say that I found it be exceptional and very useful. Hope to incorporate it into my daily morning routines. Thanks again to you and Tania.

Keep up the good work, will explore more of your videos as life goes on.

Your LymphDIY resource has been the BEST!!! Thank you for creating such easy to read and follow notes! I’m not great at remembering the direction of my strokes all the time (chemo brain!) but I just whip your book out and I’m back on track. I’ve told my support group about you, so expect to hear from them soon. Thanks again!

I bought your information pack recently as I have just been through treatment for breast cancer on one side with lymph node removal and I find it very helpful indeed. I have to thank you for making this video – I couldn’t find anything else remotely as informative (not in German either which is the language spoken here in Austria, where I live). It’s exactly what women like me who are used to being independent need.

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